2011 Pro-Life Memorial Day

Since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton in 1973, 53 MILLION babies have been surgically and medically aborted - millions more have been killed chemically. This staggering death toll is the direct result of these two decisions.

On the first Monday in October, the U.S. Supreme Court begins its new term. This is a day on which pro-lifers across the nation will mourn the victims of America's hidden holocaust: abortion.

Who will hear the cries of these preborn children? Who will be their voice? Who will mourn their deaths? On October 3rd, thousands of Americans will be mourning the victims of abortion by gathering for prayer and candlelight vigils at the U.S. Supreme Court and abortion facilities nationwide.

Here at ProLifeMemorialDay.com you can register to participate, purchase the shirt, post your stories and event photos, and do so much more to remember the preborn children none of us ever got the chance to meet.